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Experience coliving

​No one is alone for long with us – you quickly become part of the active and international The Cohesion family. Interaction with others and a sense of community form the backbone of our philosophy.


Your office and meeting room in your own home. Work, meet and brainstorm in your co-working space at one of The Cohesion locations. The Cohesion creates an environment where you can release your creativity and elevate each other to a higher level. Meet your coliving neighbors, they might be your in-house sparring-partner!


A fresh macchiato with a croissant whilst scrolling through the news or a whiskey sour? The Cohesion coliving  allows you to relax whenever you like in one of the communal area's in the locations. ‘work’ easily transforms into ‘relax’. In-house events, mindfullness and parties are hosted on a regular basis.


Your own coliving micro-apartment, brand-new and modern. The safe haven you require after an intense day filled with meetings, bike rides through the rain or just because you feel like staying home. Sleep like a butterfly, work, eat, drink and love like a bee ;) 

Experience coliving

The Cohesion coliving accommodations offers you a place of retreat as well as plenty of common rooms. Each one of our coliving locations boasts its own unique character. We give you the space to be yourself.



Community is built around friendship and memories, and what better way to build friendships and bonds than breaking bread together? Our coliving team brings together coliving residents on a regular basis for building events such as community meals and potlucks that attract many coliving residents looking to better know their coliving neighbors and build friendships that last a lifetime.


On top of breaking bread and sharing meals with one another, our coliving communities of young professionals and students enjoy occasional movie nights with screenings of popular new movies as well as classics. Popcorn, snacks, and laughter fill the common areas and spills out into the courtyards.

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