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Coliving in Amsterdam

life at don bosco


Lm fiets.jpg


little manhattan

Little Manhattan consists of 279 Urban coliving apartments in the heart of Amsterdam. The building also offers a dozen common areas, ranging from cinemas to cozy libraries to an outdoor terrace, complete with tables and chairs to enjoy those long summer nights. There are two large indoor bike parking areas, and also a courtyard with parking, just for Little Manhattan residents. 

Lelyaan is part of Little Manhattan complex which is located right next to train station Lelylaan where you can take the train, bus, metro, and tram. In the same complex, you will find Bar Restaurant Lely, where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Subway and Brugers 'n Sweets. just on your doorstep. A perfect way to discover coliving in Amsterdam. 


The Cohesion Little Manhattan

Schipluidenlaan 422

1062 HE, Amsterdam

life at Lelylaan

Thriving in Amsterdam’s fashion district and so conveniently located right next to Lelylaan train station.

IMG_5921 - kopie.jpg

Shiny apartments

average size of the apartments are 41m2

LM terrace.JPG


enjoy the terrace in the summer

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-03 at


events spaces for workshops.


BAR restaurant

take a drink and a bite ar Bar restaurant Lely

LM Bootcamp.JPG


take classes or indivicual

Soep krijgen


help with charity events in the neighborhood


A fresh macchiato with a croissant whilst scrolling through the news or a whiskey sour during a sundowner on the rooftop terrace? Your office and meeting room in your own home. Work, meet and brainstorm in your private co-working space on the ground floor. The coliving vibe of the Lofts creates an environment where you can release your creativity and elevate each other to a higher level. Meet your coliving neighbors, they might be your

in-house sparring partner! Your own micro-apartment, brand-new and modern. The safe haven you require after an intense day filled with meetings, bike rides through the rain, or just because you feel like staying home. Sleep like a butterfly, work, eat, drink and love like a bee ;) 


The Cohesion Lofts

Spaklerweg 14

1096 BA, Amsterdam


life at Lofts

Co-liv in Amsterdam’s Amstel district and so conveniently located right across Spaklerweg metro station.


Shiny apartments

average size of the apartments are 32m2

The Fizz- 21.jpg

Rooftop terrace

enjoy the terrace in the summer



events spaces for workshops.

The Fizz- 11.jpg


work, meet, shine in the full equiped co-work area 



take classes or individual sessions at one of the yoga centres

The Cohesion Don Bosco .jpg

don bosco

Don Bosco consists of 429 Urban coLiving apartments in the West district of Amsterdam at Osdorpplein. 


Your office and meeting room in your own coliving home. Work, meet and brainstorm in your private co-working space on the ground floor. Don Bosco creates an coliving  environment where you can release your creativity and elevate each other to a higher level. Meet your coliving neighbors, they might be your in-house sparring-partner!

Live your best life: live close to the natural beauty of Sloterplas and around the corner from a large shopping center in Amsterdam New West. Take tram 1 or 17 to train station Lelylaan, and the rest of Amsterdam is only a stone’s throw away!



The Cohesion Don Bosco

Nieuwe Osdorpergracht 376

1068 HV, Amsterdam

life at dON bOSCO

modelwoning The Cohesion.jpeg

Shiny apartments

average size of the apartments are 50m2

cowork The Cohesion.jpeg


enjoy the workspace

Workshops The Cohesion.jpeg


full of events and workshops.



the Westmarket foodcourt is on your doorstep

The Cohesion spinning.jpeg


take classes or indivicual

Tatami The Cohesion.jpeg


get ZEN in the meditation room


​This is Wembley Amsterdam, 126 one and two-bedroom coliving apartments for urban professionals. Part of an area development project, 'Laan van Spartaan' which will contain over 1500 new homes. A mix of free sector units, social rentals, and homes for purchase. Together we make the neighborhood come alive with a diversity of people and cultures. Coliving in Amsterdam starts at The Cohesion

​The Cohesion Wembley is conveniently located, right next to metro stop Jan van Galenstraat and the A10 (s105) freeway. From here, you can reach Sloterdijk, Schiphol or Zuidas in no time.


The Cohesion Wembley

Jan van Galenstraat 420-680

1061 AZ, Amsterdam

Buitenaanzicht gebouw vanaf Metro Station.jpg

We like food, who doesn't? On the go to, at your couch or during summer evenings outside on the Jan van Galenstraat. 
Below the apartments of Wembley five different kitchens will be situated. As diverse as our community we strive for amazing quality take-out kitchens! 

Voordeur 524 (Type A1).jpg

Shiny apartments

average size of the apartments are 50m2

Apartment French Balcony View.jpg


enjoy the courtyard

Image by Eiliv-Sonas Aceron


A food strip with five restaurants

Café 2.jpg

Cowork area

As member of The Cohesion Wembley you have access to the cowork of our neighbors at StuNest Spartaan

Lesbisch koppel


Monthly organized events

Laan van Spartaan Westkavel_Laura Miezite 6.jpg

Laundry area

As member of The Cohesion Wembley you have access to the laundry area of our neighbors at StuNest Spartaan

life at Wembley

Coliving in Rotterdam

life at don bosco




The Cohesion Cobana is located in a beautiful part of Rotterdam: Katendrecht. In the last few years, Katendrecht has been transformed from former Chinatown, sailors' quarter and red light district into one of the most vibrant neighbourhoods in Rotterdam. 

Everything you need is close by. You can pick up fresh, traditional groceries at the Fenix Food Factory, dig into a delicious lunch or dinner at Posse, and enjoy a theatre performance at Walhalla. Take some time for  peace and quiet with a walk through the Kaappark or along the Maas River. Rent an E-bike from Crooze down the street and pedal your way into Rotterdam’s city center – you’ll be there in no time! Coliving Rotterdam starts at The Cohesion Cobana

The Cohesion Cobana
Brede hilledijk 100
3072 NE, Rotterdam

life at cobana


Shiny apartments

broad variety of studio's, apartments, friends

roof party.jpeg


enjoy sunbading in the summer or just a casual drink

Image by Jo Szczepanska


periodic workshops

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-04 at 15.50.04 (1

Lobby Lounge

relax, meet or work in the lobby lounge

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-09 at 19.07.45 (1


take classes or individual; inside or outdoor



use, the communal kitchen or grab a bite at the foodhallen

west 507

The monumental coliving building and former office building at Westzeedijk 507 in Rotterdam have been transformed into a unique co-living complex. The design is characterized by combining luxurious features and authentic elements together. WEST507 contains 183 apartments divided into 3 types; City Lofts, Work & Live Lofts, and Urban Penthouses. Several coliving apartments are also suitable to share with friends!

​In WEST507 there are 114 unique city lofts with entresols for extra space. Besides these WEST507 offers work & live lofts with extra space for a home office, practice, or an atelier & an entresol. On the top floor penthouses with spacious roof terraces are created. Bring the outside in. Do you love living luxurious, but affordable?


The Cohesion WEST507

Westzeedijk 507

3024 EL, Rotterdam


life at west507

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-11 at 3.43.49 PM.

Shiny apartments

apartments up to 220m2 to share!

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-12 at 7.39.39 PM.


enjoy the community drinks and meetups

WhatsApp Image 2020-10-06 at 9.53.08 PM.


events spaces for workshops.

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-04 at 7.24.34 PM.


work, meet, snack in the Juliana Lounge

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-21 at 8.05.35 PM.


take classes or indivicual

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-22 at 8.02.18 AM.


help with charity events in the neighborhood

Coliving in Eindhoven

life at don bosco




​Live your best life! This vibrant and creative part of Eindhoven has more than enough to offer such as funky restaurants and bars, several art galleries, a lively food market, movie theatre, clothing shops and much more! Feel the industrial vibes and get inspired via this new coliving Eindhoven location
Lux is conveniently located. In a few minutes you’ll find yourself at train station Strijp-S.
By public transport:
Eindhoven Central Station: 4 minutes
Den Bosch Central Station: 24 minutes
Tilburg Central Station: 27 minutes
Breda Central Station: 46 minutes

The Cohesion Lux
Philitelaan 67
5617 BD, Eindhoven

life at LUX

A new function for the industrial heritage of Eindhoven with living, shopping and working. A creative hot-spot that continues to develop.


Shiny apartments

apartments up to 220m2 to share!

Image by Halil Ibrahim Cetinkaya


monthly organized events



enjoy the courtyard

Sport Oefening


participate in individual and group activities


Roof terrace

enjoy the view from the roof terrace

Image by Omar Ram


explorer eindhoven

Coliving projects under development

life at don bosco



HIGHnote is a co-living complex for Urban Professionals in Almere. In total, there are 175 apartments, which are expected to be ready for rent in 2023.

HIGHnote is an inspiring and energetic place for residents with an active, urban lifestyle. The young pioneers, early adaptors and (high) potentials from Almere and the surrounding area settle here. Empty nesters and expats also find their place in HIGHnote. 

Besides a place to live, the residents are looking for an environment to live in. They find this in the diversity of the building and in the centre. The centre of Almere, with all its hotspots, is the bustling heart of the city.



Living in Fibonacci is synonymous with urban living; a combination of city living, with a 'green touch'. It is also characterized by solidarity. The city is for everyone. The city consists of various neighborhoods with various people, but still forms a whole. Just like within Fibonacci. A LIVING AND UNITED COMMUNITY The location, facilities and layout of Fibonacci stimulate connectedness and should lead to a lively and united residential community.


The Cohesion coliving also stands for vibrant and unified residential communities. Fibonacci is the perfect addition to The Cohesion's current portfolio in Amsterdam. Living at The Cohesion always means coming home to like-minded people. Nothing is forced, everything is possible but the community and the community managers are always there for you.

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