Our location based Community Managers are always ready to consult on administrative, technical or social issues.


We are distributing important communications from municipality or the property manager


We are organizing events, trips and workshops for our communities on a daily and weekly base inside and outside the property

member area

Our locations are boosting communal area's including but not in all properties:

WIFI, gym, lounge, co-working, meeting rooms, theater rooms, arcade hall, co-kitchen, rooftop terrace, pool.   

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Living in the city, but in desperate need to have a car sometimes? Hely has got you covered!

Hely is a shared mobility provider for electric vehicles to improve the quality of life in cities and offer improvements flexibility. You can easily rent a car or bicycle via the app, for an affordable price. The aim is to make the use of sustainable shared transport as easy and convenient as using your own bicycle or car.


Locations with a Hely Hub:

  • StuNest/Wembley

  • WEST507

  • Little Manhattan

Move &rent

The Cohesion and Move&Rent are partnering to offer the tenants the best and most sustainable furniture rental service. Select the furniture, choose the contract duration and Move&Rent will take care of the rest. The time of hyper-consumption is over, Move&Rent now consumes differently and responsibly. At the end of the rental period, Move&Rent takes the furniture back and gives it a second life.

This service is applicable for every tenant at every Cohesion location.



Affordable and easy parking with Parkbee. Parkbee is a digital car park operator and helps travelers, property owners and local government make better use of urban space. Parkbee takes cars off the streets by offering drivers a better alternative. With their large network of connected parking garages, integrations with parking apps, and its smart systems, Parkbee guide users to the best location for the best price.


  • Little Manhattan

  • Lofts

  • WEST507


We would like to give our tenants different options to make their registration and stay as easy as possible. Therefore, we work with Savéon. Savéon is the exclusive provider of the Deposit Guarantee on the Dutch market. Savéon works together with major credit management parties and insurers for the collection and payment of the deposit for a 100% guaranteed Deposit Guarantee.
Instead of paying the full deposit, you also have the possibility to pay a specific amount deposit per month or half a year.

This service is applicable for every tenant at every Cohesion location.