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Do you remember them or have you ever heard of them: Monica, Rachel, Joey and Chandler from the 1990s sitcom "Friends"? They were way ahead of their time when it comes to living like Friends because living like Friends is in demand in big cities today, but what is it really?

FRIENDS at The Cohesion



The principle now almost 30 years later is not that much different from the Friends series. The basics are the same; namely, 2 friends sharing an apartment in a building where other friends also share an apartment and form a community together. As in the series, they are 20s and 30s who are at the beginning of careers and looking for affordability, fun and flexibility. 


Two freshly matched residents of The Cohesion Highnote enjoying the view! Life is better together! 

Benefits of "FRIENDS" living at The Cohesion

Advantages of living in a "FRIEND appartment":
Own bedroom (with your own key)
Own bathroom
Shared living room/kitchen
Shared balcony
Always a FRIEND nearby based on your own profile


Benefits of matching through The Cohesion:
Based on personality
Special matching programme

Co-work area
Unique shared spaces

Shared costs in terms of:
Service charges

The Cohesion "FRIENDS" locations

The Cohesion Don Bosco

Nieuwe Osdorpergracht 376

1068 HV, Amsterdam

The Cohesion LUX

Philitelaan 67

5617 BD Eindhoven

The Cohesion Cobana

Brede Hilledijk 100

3072 NE, Rotterdam

The Cohesion WEST507

Heiman Dullaertplein 133

3024 CD, Rotterdam

The Cohesion HIGHNote

Bodestraat 209

1315HK Almere

Have a look at the impression of your possible next chapter. 
Excited and do you want to move-in together with your FRIEND? 

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