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​Live your best life! This vibrant and creative part of Eindhoven has more than enough to offer such as funky restaurants and bars, several art galleries, a lively food market, movie theatre, clothing shops and much more! Feel the industrial vibes and get inspired via this new coliving Eindhoven location
Lux is conveniently located. In a few minutes you’ll find yourself at train station Strijp-S.
By public transport:
Eindhoven Central Station: 4 minutes
Den Bosch Central Station: 24 minutes
Tilburg Central Station: 27 minutes
Breda Central Station: 46 minutes

life at lux

A new function for the industrial heritage of Eindhoven with living, shopping and working. A creative hot-spot that continues to develop.

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Shiny apartments

apartments up to 220m2 to share!

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enjoy the community drinks and meetups

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events spaces for workshops.

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work, meet, snack in the Juliana Lounge

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Roof terrace

take classes or indivicual

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-22 at 8.02.18 AM.


help with charity events in the neighborhood


The Cohesion Lux

Philitelaan 67

5617 BD Eindhoven

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