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“social cohesion can be defined as the internal force of attachment within a social system”

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By blending efficiency and convenience with community, friendship, entertainment, and work, the concept of home is being flipped on its head and completely reimagined in our properties. We invite you to join us as we redefine home for the Urbanists. Coliving in vibrant cities. 

A Community is a group of individuals who are forming a system. We belief that all our members are contributing to the social system of The Cohesion.

We have 4 drivers to get the best out of our communities. 

- Moreno Monsanto, Creator of The Cohesion Coliving -


social interaction

Building a block of society, creating rules, systems and activities within the way you want to live through digital and live communication. It all starts with social interaction. 

Image by Seth Doyle


We have the opportunity to build communities in civilized cities. We also take the opportunity to add value to the UN SDG’s with our community. To be an example of SDG 11. But also on different focus areas.



Our overall idea of well-being is to create awareness on mental health and the initiatives to avoid mental illness. With our programming, partners and community platforms we want to reach out to everyone.  

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The willingness to face challenges and goals in life. To achieve your goals and be the best of you! The Cohesion is providing the atmosphere in where you can fulfill your ambition.

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