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Congratulations! And welcome to our community

You have signed your contract to join one of our communities. This page is an information page about everything that you need to know before joinging our community.

The onboarding will be on the first workingday of the Month between 14:00 - 15:30

During the onboarding we need an hour of your time and after that you can directly move-in.

Your first payment need to be done manually before the 22th of the month. The payment for the following months will automatically be deducted around the 27th the month before. 

How do you fit in the community?

The Cohesion wants to understand the community better. Why? As you have seen we find building our community important. Being cohesive and focussing on everyones charater. Are you curious as wel about the community, do the test downbelow!

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Communication platforms

Tenant portal

In the tenant portal you can find all your personal information, such as important documents, financial payments, technical tickets that you can create in your portal. 

The inlog of the tenant portal you will receive after we signed the contract. 

Community platform

The community platform you can find all the important information about your building, meet your neighbours, lost and found and helpfull information guides. 

You will receive the login, before your check-in date. 

Our locations

Read more specific information about your new home!


Don Bosco

Amsterdam, Nieuwe Osdorpergracht

Nieuwe Osdorpergracht


Little Manhattan

Amsterdam, Schipluidenlaan

Gebruik deze ruimte om jezelf professioneel te introduceren.



Rotterdam, Westzeedijk & 

Gebruik deze ruimte om jezelf professioneel te introduceren.


De Lofts

Amsterdam, Spaklerweg

Gebruik deze ruimte om jezelf professioneel te introduceren.

Buitenaanzicht gebouw vanaf Metro Station.jpg


Amsterdam, Jan van galenstraat

Gebruik deze ruimte om jezelf professioneel te introduceren.



Eindhoven, Philitelaan

Gebruik deze ruimte om jezelf professioneel te introduceren.



Amsterdam, Panamalaan

Gebruik deze ruimte om jezelf professioneel te introduceren.



Rotterdam, Brede Hilledijk

Gebruik deze ruimte om jezelf professioneel te introduceren.

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Almere, Bodestraat

Gebruik deze ruimte om jezelf professioneel te introduceren.

Our partners



The Cohesion and om | nieuwe energie work together to increase sustainable living in The Netherlands. We do that by supplying the buildings of The Cohesion and the apartments with 100% renewable energy. Clean energy which we produce in your own neighborhood by roofs full of solar panels and local wind turbines. You may have some questions regarding applying for energy from om | nieuwe energie. Therefore we have enlisted the most common answers to the application below. This service is applicable to every tenant at every Cohesion location.



We would like to give our tenants different options to make their registration and stay as easy as possible. Therefore, we work with Savéon. Savéon is the exclusive provider of the Deposit Guarantee on the Dutch market. Savéon works together with major credit management parties and insurers for the collection and payment of the deposit for a 100% guaranteed Deposit Guarantee.
Instead of paying the full deposit, you also have the possibility to pay a specific amount deposit per month or half a year.

This service is applicable for every tenant at every Cohesion location.


Sick of picking up your package at the nearest pickup station? No worries, at the Cohesion we have the BringMe Box! With the BringMe Box, you can easily deliver your package to your address, without having to be at home. Just put 'BringMe' in front of your name at the delivery details and the postman will make sure that the package will be delivered in the BringMe Box. After the package has been put in the Box, you will receive a message that the package has been delivered. With your personal QR code, you can open the box at any time and pick up your package! This service is applicable for every tenant at every Cohesion location.

Miele App Wash

No need to buy a brand new washing machine or move your old washing machine to your new apartment. At the Cohesion Don Bosco and the Lofts, it is possible to use the communal washing machines. No need to carry your laundry to the laundry service blocks away or look for chains. With the app of Miele called 'App Wash' you can easily top up your credits, choose the specific washing machine and do the laundry.

Abstracte bol

Itt Desk

Wanna binge-watch your favorite TV show or all Harry Potter movies? Then you need some good internet and tv signal! ITT desk makes sure you will have that!

ITT desk’s mission is to enrich the lives of people in special residential and work environments via modern Internet, TV, and telecommunications. They work with strong partners, such as Ziggo and you do not need a separate Ziggo subscription. Wanna know more about them?


  • Little Manhattan

  • Wembley

  • Don Bosco

  • Lofts

  • WEST507

  • Cobana

  • LUX



Affordable and easy parking with Parkbee. Parkbee is a digital car park operator and helps travelers, property owners and local government make better use of urban space. Parkbee takes cars off the streets by offering drivers a better alternative. With their large network of connected parking garages, integrations with parking apps, and its smart systems, Parkbee guide users to the best location for the best price.


  • Lofts

  • WEST507

Move &rent

The Cohesion and Move&Rent are partnering to offer the tenants the best and most sustainable furniture rental service. Select the furniture, choose the contract duration and Move&Rent will take care of the rest. The time of hyper-consumption is over, Move&Rent now consumes differently and responsibly. At the end of the rental period, Move&Rent takes the furniture back and gives it a second life.

This service is applicable for every tenant at every Cohesion location.

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