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Lelylaan still popular Coliving location Amsterdam

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

In October 2017 the first coliving location in Amsterdam opened its doors under the name “Little Manhattan”. Although the building was nog totally developed as a coliving product, The developers of The Cohesion coliving part have tried to redesign some aspects of the common area to fit in as a coliving building. For those who are familiar with the DUWO part of Little Manhattan cab recognize the original contours of the public spaces.

Little Manhattan Amsterdam is located right in front of train station Lelylaan. This train hub brings you to Schiphol Airport or Amsterdam Central station in just a few minutes. If you see the surroundings of the Lelylaan area you wouldn’t belief that 20 years ago this train station was one of the most unpleasant train stops in the Netherlands. In 2002 the municipality hired bodyguards “to serve and protect” travelers using this line as commuter or tourist. In this article of De Groene Amsterdammer you can read about this issue back in the days.

Almost 20 years later we can say that the development of Little Manhattan contributed tremendously to this area, together with Bar Lely and the other more Eastern developments which came after. The Cohesion Little Manhattan grew up as one the most popular coliving accommodations in The Netherlands. Although newer locations of the Cohesion are opening, Little Manhattan still remain very popular among the International coliving society.

We have learned from our journey so far and this summer a refurbishment will take place at The Cohesion Little Mahattan for the commons area’s in order to meet today’s demands on coliving spaces. The railway company NS also announced a 70 million renewing investment plan for the lelylaan station.

Coliving in Amsterdam is getting more popular and known also among locals. Looking for a coliving community in Amsterdam? Look at the locations on our website or go directly to the listing of current rental opportunities.

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