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The Cohesion Election Talks

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

To give all members of The Cohesion the opportunity to get a clear overview of the political landscape we invited five candidates of political parties for an online talk upon their idea’s, values and political programmes. Important subjects that live among our community were discussed; housing, sustainability, financial security, inequality of chances and education.

Under youth in general and our community raised of course the question how are we going to save the planet? Jelle Beemsterboer of CDA explained the importance to start planning the built of a new nuclear powerplant to give the generation ten years from now the opportunity take the chance to build or to conclude that wind and solar energy developments went fast enough in order reach climate goals. Did you know Jelle brewed his own beer for his campaign? This focus on the future and our future generation came on the table during the Talk with Hülya Kat of D66 as well. With a ton of plans to decrease inequality of chances and increase quality of education in the Netherlands. Hülya also gave an insight in her favorite football club… AZ Alkmaar. Controversial, but that is what it is about, right? We’ll hope that one is motivated to vote and knows due to these Election Talks on which party! Special thanks to Mirte Biemans, Daniel Koerhuis, Laura Vissenberg, Jelle Beemsterboer and Hülya Kat for joining!

Disclaimer: The Cohesion does not support or endorse any political candidates.

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