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The Cohesion Cobana is located in Katendrecht one of the hippest districts in Europe

The Cohesion Cobana is located in a beautiful part of Rotterdam: Katendrecht. In the last few years, Katendrecht has been transformed from former Chinatown, sailors' quarter and red-light district into one of the most vibrant neighborhoods of Rotterdam, in other words ‘’a wonderful place for a coliving community’’

(Time to momo, 2022)

The real character of a city is not necessarily discovered in the center, but in the neighborhoods around it. There - away from the tourist attraction - you will find the local, authentic places that make the city so enjoyable. According to Time to Momo, more than 20,000 city tourists were asked about their favorite hippest neighborhoods in Europe, and Katendrecht is listed as no.7!

Around The Cohesion Cobana, everything you need is close by. You can pick up fresh, traditional groceries, dig into a delicious lunch or dinner and enjoy a theatre performance at Walhalla. Take some time for peace and or come together with the community in Kaappark or along the Maas River. Or cycle your way into Rotterdam’s city

center – you’ll be there in no time! Coliving

Rotterdam starts at The Cohesion Cobana.

Although the old character of the district is still present, there is now a sense of liveliness and innovation where you can come together with your coliving community. Around the central Deli Square, there are plenty of good restaurants, trendy coffee bars, and luncheonettes. In the summer the square turns into a large terrace, and the love for food and catering is also well reflected in Katendrecht which you can enjoy with your friends, family, and community!

The Cohesion coliving - Social, Ambition, Health & Sustainable

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