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What are the benefits of coliving?

Here at The Cohesion we believe in the potential of coliving to impact the life of our community members in a positive way. In our About page, we share some of the benefits, such as a sense of community, in-house sparring-partners, in-house events, plenty of common rooms and ultimately, a platform to build friendships, experiences and memories.

In this short article we expand into additional key benefits of coliving. These include:

  1. Convenience: Life is made more convenient for residents by offering flexible contracts and only charging one fee for things like rent, utilities, wifi, cleaning, social events, access to shared spaces,

  1. Affordability: Coliving enables a use of space that allows for great occupancy and more resource efficiency. In addition, the fee you pay includes many things you would otherwise pay extra for.

  1. Sustainability: Studies in the UK show that shared living communities can have emissions one third of an average household. Efficiency of resources and spaces as well as sharing behaviours contributes to this.

  1. Wellbeing: Community living can help foster healthy habits. For instance, people can be encouraged to eat nutritious food, exercise, and take care of their mental health if they see others around them doing so as well.

And in particular, we would like to highlight the following benefit: Loneliness reduction. Living in community can help reduce loneliness and increase a sense of belonging through the inherent focus on community and social interaction. You can learn more about this in the Coliving Conversations podcast episode with Kat Vellos.

We do our best to bring these benefits to life across our locations in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven. And of course we will bring the same experience to our coliving projects currently under development. Contact us to explore any of our locations.

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