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Join us with Stoptober and the week of the loneliness!

October. The month of Halloween, Autumn, Oktoberfest, but also Stoptober and the week of the loneliness! This upcoming month, these two events will be highlighted in our community. During these events, we work on the community building of the Cohesion, the health of our tenants, and the cohesion with the neighbourhood. Curious about what we do during these events? Check out this blog!


Stoptober is a challenge from October 1st until the 28th, where smokers are being challenged to quit smoking. The strength of Stoptober is the positive approach and mutual support. The community of The Cohesion will support each other as it will be a difficult month. After the 28 days, we will come together, share our experiences and celebrate that you kept on going and are enjoying a healthier life from now on.

Wanna join? Download the Stoptober app and send us an e-mail with your user name and ‘Stoptober’ in the description to We will add you to the group and make sure we will inform you of all the tips and tricks!

Download the app in the Apple play store

Download the app in the Android play store


Week of the loneliness

From September 30th until October 7th is the week of loneliness. During the week against loneliness, meeting and connecting are central. Throughout the Netherlands, many people organize events to bring some happiness to everyone who is at home! As we understand the difficult times due to Corona even more people can experience loneliness. This is very important for us and we as The Cohesion and co-living as our focus, will participate as well and we do need your help!

How do you like cake? Cause we love it!

To bring some happiness to our neighbourhood, we would like to share our love for cake with you by bringing some cakes around and enjoy a nice chat with them! Sign up via Eventbrite and join this event!


Curious how the tenants experience these events? Keep an eye on our next blog!

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