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Little Manhattan’s Cardiologist

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Ever wondered what type of interesting young professionals we have within the community? We will introduce you to a tenant on a weekly basis. This time we had the honor to speak to Martijn

Martijn is 26 years old and is a resident The Cohesion Little Manhattan since 2019.

The Cohesion experience

The first thing that comes to mind when entering the apartment is the amazing view over Amsterdam, with sunny weather, the beautiful orange glow which is paired with the sunrise or sunset and thunderstorms, it just never gets boring according to Martijn. Not to mention his interior which is enriched with lots of plants makes you feel like you're in an urban jungle. He has really made it his own place, something that he is very proud of. Martijn likes living at The Cohesion because a lot is organized for the residents which create connections within the community and he is really happy with the facilities.

Aspiring cardiologist

Martijn is passionate about his profession, he works as a doctor/researcher at the Academic Medical Center (AMC) where he conducts research on life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias. He studied medicine in Amsterdam and immediately felt attracted to cardiology so he decided to do his academic internship in cardiology as well. As we all know becoming a doctor can take a long time and the route that he is taking takes up to fourteen years. We can hear you thinking:

"How do you keep that up?"

Martijn is passionate, eager to learn, and gets a lot of energy from helping people which are the key drivers for success.

Leisure time of Martijn

Finally, he likes to sport, is a fan boardgames, loves to cook, tries new recipes occasionally, and gets a lot of energy when the people he is with are having fun.

Fun fact – He bought his own brick oven to make delicious home made pizza which is something he loves to do when his friends are coming over.

Would you like to know more about this enthusiastic, caring, smart, happy & energetic resident of The Cohesion Little Manhattan, look him up in the community platform (Huddle), and if you want to share your story feel free to mail us at

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