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The Cohesion Challenge 2021

Last Saturday The Cohesion coliving organized The Cohesion Challenge 2021; a sportive event in collaboration with the Cohesion community managers in Amsterdam and the personal trainers of Team Motivation Amsterdam. With the Cohesion challenge, we wanted to emphasize a healthy coliving and the ambition to achieve your goals through a coliving challenge. For the last few weeks team motivation has been giving workshops in several cohesion locations to prepare community members for this day. We hoped for good weather and we got it.

All the contesters gathered by the big tree next to the swimming site of the Sloterplas at

08:30. After subscription everyone got a Cohesion Challenge 2021 t-shirt and prepared for the first challenge which was not a real challenge but more of a coliving Saturday morning Kickstarter. Lead by the team of Uprising Yoga we started with a full hour of yoga. It was a great vibe with the morning glory of the Sloterpark.

At 10:00 o’clock it was ready for some action. We had 3 levels of running challenges waiting. A 6km, 8km, or 10km running track had to be completed within an hour. Each challenge was led by a professional athlete of Team Motivation. After 45 minutes the first die-hard runners came back to the base after they completed their challenge with success.

At 11:00 all participants proudly shared their results with each other and refueled with air, drinks, fruits, and energy bars. The swimming challenge was waiting. Two pinpoints were in the middle of the Sloterplas. All swimmers needed to go around and back to the shore. We ended the morning with a fun supping game. Two teams on sups with 8 people on each sup raced against each other. For those who never did supping before, it’s not that easy with 7 others on one sup.

By the end of the morning, the Sloterpark was getting busier with other recreants, but the Cohesion challenge was coming to an end. Overall a big thank you to all the participants, Team motivation, and the community managers for such a great coliving challenge event. Stay tuned for the next edition!

The Cohesion coliving - Social, Ambition, Health & Sustainable

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