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The Cohesion Welcome in Eindhoven!

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Eindhoven, 19 March 2021

Upcoming summer The Cohesion is making a move to a new city, Eindhoven! And you can be a part of this! Last Monday the registration for the Cohesion Lux started, which includes studio's, apartments and friends apartments.

The Cohesion Lux is located in Strijp-S with 199 brand new apartments! Studying in Eindhoven, just started a new job or just want a different place to call home? Lux is here for you! Via our website you can pick your perfect place and register.

Have a look at the type of apartments and the prices, curious what you need to register, check out our eligibility

Studios start with a renting price of €775 or a Friends apartment with a renting price of €500 per friend is one of your options at Lux. The studios have a range of 40m² up to 78m² and apartments range from 52m² up to 70m².

Looking for an even bigger place? On the top floors Lux has beautiful Maisionnette apartments where each bedroom has their own bathroom! Looking for a place to share with friends and have a bit more privacy, this is the place to be!

Lux is here for everyone who is looking for a place with your partner, for comfort, with your best friend or just to relax. What is home to you?

Registration has started click here, be quick and pick your perfect place and maybe we will see you soon in Eindhoven!

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