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The FIZZ Young Professionals is now The Cohesion

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Amsterdam February 1, 2021

The Cohesion co-living has been launched. From 1 February, the new co-living concept of Rockfield Real Estate will be live with 5 existing locations that were previously operational under the name “The FIZZ” and 2 locations still to be opened this year.

The Cohesion is a co-living product for Urban professionals with expertise in community-driven building management. The Cohesion mainly focuses on Millennials who want to live in a building with communal facilities and like-minded fellow residents. The locations of The Cohesion are easily accessible by public transport and close to city centers. In the buildings there are for co-work, sports and events facilities.

The FIZZ has been used as a brand name in the Netherlands since 2017. Little Manhattan in Amsterdam was the first young professional location. There are now 5 locations operational. All locations will be rebranded to The Cohesion in the coming weeks.

The name change is part of the shareholder change that previously took place between IC Group and Rockfield Real Estate. This change also ended the use of The FIZZ brand by Rockfield Real Estate; the former IC Netherlands.

“The FIZZ is a student product. The product has continued to develop in the Netherlands into a mature living experience that has no resa to do with student living anymore. In that respect, a rebranding had been in the air for some time. We are pleased that we can now continue to develop more co-living based buildings in the Netherlands with The Cohesion ”says Moreno Monsanto director concepts Rockfield Real Estate.

Later this year, The Cohesion LUX in Eindhoven and The Cohesion Wembley in Amsterdam will open their doors.

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